Carolina Pelleting offers evaluation services to determine if your product can be formed into a free-flowing, low-dust pellet/sphere/granule. We offer several granulation methods so we can help you identify the best path. Please contact us prior to sending samples so that we can review your objectives and give you a time estimate for the evaluation. Confidential Disclosure Agreements are common.


Sample Quantity

Approximately 50 pounds are needed to perform a preliminary evaluation for most applications where pelleting/granulation is thought to be the desired technique. Although Carolina Pelleting uses production scale equipment for initial product evaluations, our experience allows us to minimize the amount of material that is consumed. Certain circumstances may require additional material (e.g. very high bulk density). Tests on smaller quantities can be performed on a case-by-case basis.
Low pressure extrusion applications can sometimes be performed using only a kilogram.
Samples will be returned giving an indication of the product quality that can be achieved. Optimization of processing parameters is finalized during full scale production.


Sample Preparation

It is not necessary to pre-blend components prior to shipping. We have small scale mixing that closely mirrors our full scale system and it gives us a chance to identify any mixing problems upfront and gives us a chance to fully evaluate the application.


Safety Information

Safety Data Sheets for each material are needed. Prior to processing any material, a safety meeting is held where the SDS, test setup, procedures and desired end-product specifications are reviewed with all operators.