Carolina Pelleting has the following core pieces/technologies that are utilized for making solid forms:

Pellet Mill: For making 2-12 mm pellets

Low Pressure Extrusion: For making 0.8-1.2 mm mini-pellets

Spheronization: For conditioning pelleted or extruded particles and converting into spherical shapes as needed

Mixer Granulators: For making small granules where only flowability is critical

Spray Chilling: For taking a melt and solidifying into small granules

Disk Agglomeration: Where material is pressure sensitive or specific properties are necessary

Drum Agglomeration: Where materials may need longer residence time for granulation or where particles need to be coated or liquid absorbed.

Support Equipment: All processes require support equipment. Our process support equipment includes mixers, feeders, belt and fluid-bed dryers, sieves, and various packaging systems.